October 16, 2014

Celebrating Ib!

Turning one was a major affair for Ibbie. Due to travels and work schedules, she was celebrated three times with different parts of our family.

First up: Pop Pop Tim. My dad arrived at our house early in the morning. We made a day of it going to the zoo and out to lunch before heading back home for a small dessert.

Next up: Scottie and Bigs. Mom and Rodney came up for a little dinner celebration. It was a pizza party!
Finally: Ib's birthday party. Peter's folks came up from Georgia and many relatives drove in from Pennsylvania, Lower Delaware, and Maryland. There wasn't a theme but Ibbie was celebrated all day!

October 2, 2014

Near Synonyms

Oh, language development, it just blows me away! Cole's vocabulary has exploded. She understands that some words have similar meanings. In an effort toward creatively [I think!], she's been substituting words and nearly always hits the marks. Sometimes she gets close, close enough for us to understand but far enough off base to make us laugh.

Recently, heard:

Meaning laughing | "What you funny about?"
Meaning eat | "Me like him. I lick him up."

September 18, 2014

Ibbie :: 1 Year

The goose is one. Holy moly. Our days are better because she is in them! Ibbie is an eight-toothed, walking, talking smile. She's so easy going. Ib loves to play with other kids, younger or older. She's a good eater and good relaxer. No one can stop her from getting comfortable. Ibbie signs a bit and has a phenomenal slow nod for "yes."

She wakes up once or twice a night but we're working on it. She's also still nursing but we're working on weaning. She didn't take to cows milk so we're cutting it with goat's milk in an effort to ease the transition.

We're so delighted to celebrate this little one that we're stretching her birthday festivities out for a couple of weeks.
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Cole at one year