October 26, 2009

Bedroom Blues

Blue and I have a long history together. In choosing a color scheme for our bedroom Peter and I opted for blues, grays, and orange. Seeing as how we are in the very early stages of our design process, Step 1 was to paint the walls. Peter is quite skilled with painting, and for that matter sanding, taping, and cutting in. So, one Saturday while I was babysitting Peter agreed to paint the room. Like I said, I was babysitting all day, when my blue-green deficient husband went to work painting our room. (Note: Blue-green deficient means Peter has a hard time distinguishing shades of blues and greens.) 10 hours later, when I got home from babysitting, the room was 3/4 painted and fully cut in. The work was impeccable. All the walls were flawless and smooth; unfortunately, the color was off. Peter mentioned that after painting two walls he thought the color may be wrong but figured he was just seeing it incorrectly. The room looked more like a nursery than a master.

The next day I headed to Lowe's to pick out a better shade of blue. My dear husband willingly repainted the room a lighter, hopefully more sophisticated, shade. The picture above shows the color our room used to be, the wrong blue, and in top left corner, the correct blue.

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