October 27, 2009


"We LOVE Memphis" - Mom

It appears to me that there are two kinds of visitors: those with preconceived notions of Memphis and those without. I love the latter group. Peter and I have grown very fond of our current hometown and we like to share this affection with our visitors. Last weekend Mom and Rodney came to visit. The timing was great with River Arts Fest in South Main and beautiful weather. As expected, we did a bit of culinary exploring while they were in town as well as a bit of shopping.

First thing on Friday, we made sure to hit Central BBQ which is a must as far as Rodney is concerned. (Granted- Peter and I were not complaining as it is the best barbecue in town in our book). After lunch Peter and Rodney ventured to the Stax museum while Mom and I did a bit of shopping. Saturday we made our way down to the River Arts Fest then the Mississippi. On the recommendation of a dear friend we went to Petra for dinner on Saturday night. Simply put it was amazing. I cannot believe it has taken Peter and I three years to get to there. Beauty Shop for dessert was also pretty fab. I've got a couple of pictures below- not the best quality since I was toting our point-and-shoot rather then the decent camera.

Our vistors.

The Hakuna Matata fish at Flying Fish.

A very cool couple of doors I fully intend on revisiting with a nicer camera.

Bi Bim Bop at Petra. Yum.

Me at Beauty Shop- with a tan.

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