November 3, 2009

The Dogs

November 1st our dogs' celebrated their birthdays. Gunther turned two and Lily turned one. Isn't it fun they have the same birthday? As mentioned on Minx, the pups had their friend Gizmeaux over to celebrate. In honor of their birthday, here are some pictures.

Typical Gunther.

Typical Lily.

Favorite Positions on the Couch.

(Peter took this picture while the dogs and I were sleeping. The light was off)


  1. I enjoyed this so much! Still laughing. That pic of Gunther is hysterical.

    PS. Gizzy says thanks for the shout out.

  2. aw:) that's so fun. I see Mere came and visited;)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! those are great pics! love it! :) maya and titus say hello!