November 23, 2009

I Love Uniforms

I loved wearing a uniform during middle and upper school. Each morning I'd wake up and grab a white polo and green skirt and run out the door. I loved the mindlessness and ease of a uniform. While I was teaching at Southside, I opted to dress in a uniform as well. I bought 5 collared shirts embroidered with the school emblem and my name which I paired with chinos. This was not only a simple outfit but I didn't care if I got marker, pencil, pen, or chocolate milk on me. {One unfortunate morning last year a full carton of chocolate milk was "accidentally" thrown at me. Of course this was before I'd adopted a basic uniform and the milk got all over a lovely wool coat that I was wearing for the first time}.

A few weeks ago I began working for Mission Graduation within Streets Ministries. Let me first say I love my new job! It is fabulous in ways that I had a forgotten a job could be. My coworkers are great, the students are wonderful, and it is the perfect combination of Christ-centered, education-focused ministry. But, like so many jobs there is no uniform but rather, a dress code. The rules of the dress code are very simple: closed toed shoes and a collared shirt. In true Parker fashion, I have taken to the dress code by adopting a simple uniform: skinny pants, button down shirt, black or white tank, accessorized with a scarf, vest, belt, jewelry and/or purse.

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