November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving (A Quick Recap)

This year for Thanksgiving Peter and I committed to staying in Memphis; after years of traveling and battling holiday traffic, we wanted a break. In turn, we offered to host. Last Tuesday Peter's parents, his sister Lisa, and her pup Bailey joined us in Memphis for Thanksgiving.

Here are the highlights: Wednesday we did some prep work for the meal. Thursday morning we participated in the Turkey Trot and Turkey Leg Relay (during which we got to run/walk with an actual turkey leg that was handed off as the baton). Later in the day we hung out and finished preparations before a few more of our friends joined our group for dinner. {Black} Friday we were sure to run by a few stores before heading to the local movie theater. Saturday, after breakfast at Panera, the Slatons headed back to GA and Peter and I watched the Clemson vs. Carolina game. Below are a few pictures from the holiday.

Our guests eagerly awaiting dinner.
A delicious warm brie, spicy mango, and bacon appetizer.

Thrifty & Festive Tablescape #1

Thrifty & Festive Tablescape #2

One of the delicious homemade pies Lisa created.

Evidence of a great meal.


  1. Yahoo, we made it on the Slaton blog!!! Martha Stewart watch out, Parker Slaton could just be your biggest competition! Dining on all those wonderful dishes was well worth the early morning Turkey Trot!
    Thanks again for our first Thanksgiving in Memphis!

  2. So impressed by the brie and the festive table! Great job on hosting your 1st Thanksgiving in Memphis! :)