December 9, 2009

Betty Girl

RIP Betty Girl 2005-2009

Betty {aka. Betty Girl, Lil' Donner, Donnie} was put down today. Betty belonged to my mom and her fiancé. After a mysterious 2 month health struggle and multiple doctors visits, it was discovered that she had an inoperable brain tumor. The tumor compromised much of her health but none of her spirit. Her life was only a short four years but she was overjoyed to live them. Betty was a huge Boston terrier that thought of herself as a lapdog. She followed Toby {aka. Scratchy, Scratchers} around and lounged on the couch. She loved licking ice cream and oatmeal bowls. Before she passed, Betty made sure to leave a lasting impression on our hearts and the couch pillows, where she spent so much of her time.

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