December 18, 2009

My First Yarn Wreath

We needed a wreath to put on the front door. After a bit of research, I was inspired to make a yarn wreath, complete with felt flowers. Step 1 was quite simple. I wrapped by straw wreath form in batting which I secured in place with quilting needles.

Step 2 was equally simple - though perhaps a test of my patience. I wrapped the batted wreath form in my "base color" yarn, tied a few knots and secured it in place with quilting needles. Step 3 was accessorizing. I added a set of brown stripes and a thick green one; then a bouquet of felt flowers. I was sure to make a complete mess of my work space.

After playing around with various ornaments and flower types, I ending up sticking with a pretty simple design.

The completed wreath looks pretty fab on the door- that fabulousness seems to not be photogenic. But alas, I like my wreath and have already come up with many reasons to make some more: Clemson football, baby showers, etc.


  1. i can't see the pictures :(

  2. The pictures should work now.... I hope.

  3. yay!! i can see them!! :)

  4. yes! And I've seen in person and can vouch for how great it looks.