January 9, 2010

Cold Gray Winter Days

It's cold here. It's been cold here. Fountains are frozen and snow is on the ground in Midtown. In fact, on Friday Memphis City Schools were closed not due to the {minimal} snow fall but the temperature. Memphis has not had weather like this in 15 years. There have been hours of snowfall, single digit lows, highs in the teens, and negative windchill temperatures. This is the Mid-South; we are not accustomed to or equipped for this sort of climate.

The dogs have become increasing stir crazy. At first, they embraced the change in weather by playing hours and hours of their favorite indoor game {see the very low quality video below for a snippet}; however, under the bed lost its appeal.

Peter and I decided that we should take the dogs to the dog park so they could burn off some energy. We bundled up and prepared ourselves for the 15°F weather. Typically we avoid the dog park because not everyone follows the 1:1 rule and not all of the dogs are friendly. But, we figured no one would be there due to the cold. We were right. We basically had the whole park to ourselves, including the 3 lakes which were completely frozen. The dogs ran for about an hour before their shivering became so intense we had to get them back in the car. Below are a few pictures from our outing and, if you are really interested, another low quality video.

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  1. so cute! G looked a little mad at yall! i'm pretty sure titus would have broken ice to go swimming. :)