January 2, 2010

The Holidays 2009: A Recap

Well, well, well, now that we are a few days into 2010 I figured it was time to recap the holidays. This year, rather than travel, Peter and I stayed in Memphis. Below are a some photos from our last few weeks. In order to prepare ourselves for the in-town holiday we opted to deck the house for Christmas- complete with our own tree topped with an angel.

We strung our Christmas cards from the mantel. I had to cut a new ribbon to string the cards; in no way did I anticipated the number of cards we received.

Christmas dinner for two from Wang's Mandarin House.

The dogs spent a good deal of time cuddled up; they love each other.

After a few months of consideration, we painted the red room green. Hoping to prevent another blue room error we bought some samples to try before committing to the entire space.

I think the end result is pretty fantastic.

For New Years we had some friends come into town. Since this wasn't their first visit we skipped the touristy things and just hung out. We managed to host a New Years Eve dinner for 15 then headed downtown for a party at a Memphis landmark, Raiford's {occasionally refered to by it's actual name: Hollywood Disco}.

Overall it was nice to spend the holidays in Memphis and extremely relaxing; however, next year we'll gladly be back to traveling and the chaos that ensues when we pack up the dogs and visit family.


  1. LOVE it! but i can't see the tree pic or the food pic (and i love me some Wang's!)hahaha :)

  2. ignore the comment about not seeing the pics....i'm retarded! lol

    LOVE IT!!!