January 16, 2010

Love. True Love.

Have two dogs ever loved each other as much as ours do? I think not.

Thursday night Peter was playing tennis, so I decided to be a pantry scavenger and find something to bake. Hidden in the depths of our fridge was a bag of cranberries and a blood orange; in our pantry I found 2 half used bags of pecans and a half used bag of walnuts. So I made muffins. After putting my cranberry-orange-nut muffins in to bake, I walked into the living room. It felt like I was interrupting something when I found the dogs in the above position.


  1. SO cute!! and how did the muffins turn out?

  2. They were great- a bit hit at home and at work. Actually one of my coworkers who "doesn't like cranberries" enjoyed them, so that was a bit compliment.

    PS Thanks for posting your comments!