February 26, 2010

I've Disappeared.

My mother has a bit of a reading problem: when she starts a good book she is incapable of doing anything other than reading. Laundry piles up, meals become self service, and so on. I have inherited this problem! In fact, I put off starting new books because I know if I like it there is no hope. Currently I am in the middle of not one good book- but two. So if you need me, I have my nose in one of the following:

I'm a fast reader so I'll be back as soon...

February 17, 2010

It's Official x 2

1. Peter and I are going to get our first niece or nephew in the fall!
2. Also this fall, I will be starting my master's program in Higher Education Administration at Vanderbilt. {If you really care, my concentration will be in Institutional Advancement} I'm psyched and so is Peter.

February 8, 2010

Cold, Wet, Lovable Dogs

Peter was up at 2:30 with the dogs and there was no snow falling or on the ground; but by 6:00, we had a few inches of real honest-to-goodness snow {not the icy mess that we have grown so used to}. Schools are closed again and Peter didn't have to go into work until 9:30. Instead of our typical morning walk, we opted to go out back for a bit and let the dogs play in the snow.

As I've mentioned before, our dogs are best friends; they accept each other for who they are. Sometimes Lily is a bully.And sometimes Gunther is.Sometimes Gunther slows down to enjoy the finer things in life, like snowballs. At first he wasn't so sure. He had a lick, and then another.... ...before he discovered it is much more efficient to simply take a bite. Or two. Lily is not interested in the finer things. READ: she was not excited about eating snowballs. She would rather chase them; we believe her thoughts tend to go something like this, "Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball."
Sometimes Gunther gets jealous of Lily's skills with fetch. He'll do anything for attention- this morning he showed off his ups with a running start... ...and from a stand still.

February 1, 2010

Over the Weekend

Most Memphians took the weather this past weekend as a reason to stay inside, but not us. First thing, we hopped in the car to let the dogs play in the ice/snow on Mud Island. Unfortunately, I was not equipped for the wind coming off the river so I jumped right back in the car with our tenderfoot canines. All was not lost though, Peter decided to skate in the parking lot in lieu of a frozen pond.

When we got home I was surprised to see that a package had arrived. We weren't expecting anything so my curiosity was peaked. Unexpected packages are so much fun! We opened it to find a wedding present from two of my dear friends, A and C; four beautiful mugs from Chilmark Pottery on Martha's Vineyard. Lovely .

By this time we were both getting a bit hungry. Peter was adamant about going to Qdoba to use his "soon to expire" coupon. We got a Craft 2 and a couple drinks for $3.26! The coupon certainly helped justify the drive to Germantown as did our next venture to Shelby Farms.

Surely we could not pass up the chance to snap a few Winter Wonderland pictures while so close to the Farms; I took a good bit more than are posted but these are either {1} favorites or {2} pictures of us, which have been requested by out of town family.