March 30, 2010

Tennessee Tuesdays

From 2:00 until 5:00 every Tuesday, the Memphis Zoo offers free admission to anyone with a TN Drivers License. Taking advantage of spring break, the nice weather, and the free admission, my coworkers and I decided to take a few kids to the zoo. Evidently, over 25,000 people had the same idea (along with some other not-so-bright ideas).

A patch of spring in Overton Park.
(For those of you that are not familiar with Memphis, the Zoo is in Overton Park.)

This mini cow was ready for a close-up.

A couple of the girls LOVED the polar bear exhibit.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?
Perhaps something bright pink on the right side of the Zebra?

A few monkeys were hamming it up!

The next Karate Kid.

ABC's of Zoo Rules.

Yours truly and D.

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