April 5, 2010


We are family people. Homebodies, if you will. And we live in Memphis while our families live in Georgia and Maryland. {Indeed, we also have relatives in CT, CA, DE, UT, VA, FL, and SC}. But, all told we live quite a distance from any one of our family members.

Alas, we have been blessed. We are fortunate to have dear friends here who welcome us into their homes with open arms. Sunday my kind friend Minx and her husband A. hosted an Easter lunch. She brought out the nice china and fine linens. We are so thankful for our Memphis friends!

The sweet S&P shakers. Don't you love this painting? Minx created it herself! The cordial hostess hard at work. Yum! Chicken & rice, salad, asparagus, lima beans, rolls, and sangria. Oh my word, let me tell you about the sangria... I found a recipe for a white sangria on Allrecipes.com that received rave reviews. In order to control the sweetness of the drink, I tweaked the recipe a bit by halving the ginger ale, using a mix of white and sparkling blush wine, increasing the variety of fruit, and doubling the liquor. It was delicious!

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  1. We are so thankful for you guys (in general and for coming over for Easter lunch). And thank you for the flowers, they look so pretty! xoxo, CLL AL and Gizzy