April 3, 2010


As a Spring Break reward, we took some of the Bible Study students to Incredible Pizza. I had never been and I was looking forward to the trip. Since moving to Memphis I have worked exclusively with middle schoolers. Whether teaching, advising, or mentoring one thing can be agreed upon: KIDS LOVE INCREDIBLE PIZZA!

Whats not to love? There is lots of junk to eat {in an endless buffet!}. Mesmerizing games to play. Tickets to win. The ever alluring chance of hitting the jackpot. Along with go-carts, bumper cars, put-put golf, air hockey tables, and bowling. When it's time to redeem the tickets for prizes, Incredible Pizza has a store- not just a counter- where kids can go and spend their winnings. 3.5 hours after arriving, we left with one water bottle, three whoopie cushions, two bottle poppers, one bracelet, two necklaces, a deck of cards, three key chains, a pair of sticky eyeballs, a blue teddy bear, and at least two sets of light up teeth.

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  1. I have never been either but I have a feeling it is in my near future with Tim and the kids! :)