May 29, 2010

Will Hoge @ Levitt Shell

Last night we went to the Levitt Shell for a Will Hoge concert. The Levitt Shell is a venue in Overton Park dedicated to free, outdoor performances. Each spring {really, early summer} and fall they run a concert series featuring an eclectic mix of performers. After picking up my Levitt Shell Spring Concert Schedule in the most recent Memphis Flyer, I immediately recognized Will Hoge's name.
When I was a freshman or sophomore at Clemson, I drove to Greenville for a Will Hoge concert at the Peace Center with my dear roommate {the one who ultimately graduated from Penn State}. I've listened to his music a bit since then, but honestly that was a few more years ago than I consider to be "recent history." Either way, Peter and I planned on going to the concert.
We also planned on getting a few of our friends to come along. Many of our friends in Memphis are transplants like us and have been functional Memphians for at least a few years; yet, they have never been to a Levitt Shell show. Based on crowd size alone, it appears that Levitt Shell popularity grows with every season.
The show itself was very good and, of course, family friendly. One of the major perks of the Levitt Shell is the way it welcomes families and children. Will Hoge even said during a little break, "Seeing all of these kids...makes me miss my own." Sweet? Right. I was surprised by how many of the songs I knew considering I haven't listened to Will Hoge in years. But, he's still very talented and in one evening managed to convert at least one of our friends into a want-to-be Levitt Shell regular.


  1. I love Will Hoge! Sad that we could not be there for it this weekend. Cowboy Junkies are coming soon, huh?

  2. Sounds like it was a fun night! I've had fun every time at the Shell. But I will's always HOT! :)