June 28, 2010

A Big Leak

1. We have a freon leak
2. Sometimes it is cheaper to refill the freon than to find and fix the leak.

Last week, after refilling the freon, the kind man from Air Conditioning and Heating Unlimited instructed me to wait and observed. If the leak was small the freon may not leak out for another year or longer; but, if the leak was big it could be a matter of hours or days before it was gone. Well, we have a big leak. It only took 6 days for the freon that had been refilled to leak out. Looks like we will be finding and fixing the leak after all.

My Farmers Market bouquet is now beatifying the fridge; she doesn't handle 85°F very well.

June 22, 2010


9:30pm, June 21: Kelsey came.
12:30pm, June 22: Kelsey left.
Memphis was the first pit stop on her drive across the country.

Considering this was the first time she, or her trusty sidekick Sarah, had been to Memphis I tried to pack as much into the 15 hours as I could.

We toured Midtown and Downtown.Signed the wall at Graceland. Ate delicious barbecue and then said, "Goodbye."

{These are the beautiful flowers we received in honor of Kelsey's visit.}

June 21, 2010

It's Getting Hot In Here

Memphis is hot. Crazy hot. And right now, my life is hot. The AC in my car broke last week and our house AC has been out for a few days. We're planning on having both up and running by Wednesday. But, for now, petals are falling off of our beautiful center piece entirely too quickly and all of my showers are cold. My constant sweating has left me longing to return to the precious day last week when the heat was beat: Water Day.

June 20, 2010

Duped & Clean

Have a drink of water Lily. Yes, little girl, the water is your friend. Water is cool and refreshing. Feel free to close your eyes and enjoy. Fake out! It's a bath time.

Guther is not so easily fooled. He puts on his game face and waits for the end. This is the look of repugnance. He plots his escape- Freedom!
{Can I get William Wallace yell?}

June 17, 2010

A Dining Room Improvement

When we first moved into our lovely home the contractor beige walls were accented by a contractor chandelier in the dining room. Quickly, we painted and started looking for a replacement lamp. My abhorrence for the chandelier was well known, so two Christmases ago we were given a new, quite modern, IKEA light. I liked it. I didn't love it. But, compared to the original, it was a very suitable alternative. Many people loved the IKEA light. In fact, quite a few people asked for it when we took it down. Which we did. Last week. Now, in it's place is the beautiful pendant lamp I had been hoping for. I just love it! Of course, in my quest to unify and define our style I've moved some things around and starting planning my next move: new dining room chairs and curtains.

June 14, 2010

South on Highway 61

Saturday we made a quick day trip heading South on Highway 61. Our final destination was Merigold but, when I noticed that Tunica was on the way, I decided we had to make a quick stop. Tunica has casinos. Lots of them. And I had never been to a casino. How could we not stop? Peter and I elected to go to the casino with the best slogan: Sam's Town. When we first arrived, we took a lap around the casino floor. Mind you, it was early. Before lunch early. But there were people on the slots and at the tables while waitresses offered free drinks to the gamblers. I didn't really see what all the fuss was about but I certainly wasn't going to leave without playing anything. My original casino budget was $20 but after my initial lap I opted to halve it to $10. I played a few slot machines and won enough to pay for our lunch in Merigold. As of today: Parker $39 vs. Casinos $0. After 30 minutes in the casino, we were ready to get back on the road. The long, country road. 100 miles South of Memphis we saw the exit for Merigold. We planned our trip with the goal of going to McCarty's Pottery. Peter and I first saw McCarty's pottery at a friend's house. We both were and are very fond of it. Despite the fact that we could buy the pottery in East Memphis, at Babcock, we wanted to go to the source. This is the source. McCarty's Barn. Through the bamboo is a shop, as well as a maze of gardens well deserving of visitors' attention. The McCarty's have three signature glazes: nutmeg, cobalt, and jade. Personally, I am very fond of the nutmeg. In addition, they have a trademark that can be found on many of the functional pieces; it is a small black, somewhat squiggly, line that represents the Mississippi River. After pursuing the pottery, making selections, and winding through the gardens we headed on to the Gallery Restaurant. The Gallery Restaurant is also owned by the McCarty's and can be found two blocks from the Barn. It is open only for lunch where an appetizer is brought to the table before you choose between a hot or cold entrée from the daily menu. We split the menu thus sharing a chicken salad plate {cold} and shrimp crêpe plate {hot}. For dessert, we ordered one larger-than-life chocolate cobbler. Everything, as you can see, is served on the McCarty's pottery. But why not? It is their restaurant. My winnings from Sam's Town certainly covered lunch. When we got home, I examined our loot and am presently in the process of trying to place it in the house.

June 10, 2010


You want to know what I did at work today? I took a few trips down this 100' water slide, among other things, of course.

June 5, 2010

Dog Park Love

Good news, people: an off-the-leash dog park has opened in Memphis! Yesterday, during my daily read of online newspapers I caught a story about a new dog park. We've grown accustom to driving out to Shelby Farms or Bartlett to the off-the-leash dog areas. This new park is right behind the Board of Education {less than 5 minutes from our house}. As loyal park visitors this is a dream come true. The park is 1.5 acres and has a separate area for small dogs. We opted to visit on opening day early in the morning. When we arrived, I took Gunther to the small dog area and Peter took Lily to the main area. There was a small opening day rush in Lily's area but Gunther's area was fairly empty. After 20 minutes in the small dog area, and some desperate pleading from G., I opted to take Gunther into the larger area. He loved it. So did Lily. We stayed for over an hour since the crowd thinned out. For most of the time, the only dogs at the park were ours and their new friend Marlo. They ran around, played fetch, checked the perimeter, and eventually lay around, exhausted.