June 5, 2010

Dog Park Love

Good news, people: an off-the-leash dog park has opened in Memphis! Yesterday, during my daily read of online newspapers I caught a story about a new dog park. We've grown accustom to driving out to Shelby Farms or Bartlett to the off-the-leash dog areas. This new park is right behind the Board of Education {less than 5 minutes from our house}. As loyal park visitors this is a dream come true. The park is 1.5 acres and has a separate area for small dogs. We opted to visit on opening day early in the morning. When we arrived, I took Gunther to the small dog area and Peter took Lily to the main area. There was a small opening day rush in Lily's area but Gunther's area was fairly empty. After 20 minutes in the small dog area, and some desperate pleading from G., I opted to take Gunther into the larger area. He loved it. So did Lily. We stayed for over an hour since the crowd thinned out. For most of the time, the only dogs at the park were ours and their new friend Marlo. They ran around, played fetch, checked the perimeter, and eventually lay around, exhausted.

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