July 15, 2010

See You In My Dreams

To: All Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60s

Dearest dream car, while I am in the process of car shopping, I'd appreciate if I didn't have to see you so often. You, in a beautiful restored condition, have been my favorite car for as long as I remember. Presently I have no skills or time to restore my own car, putting you a bit out of reach. There are also certain safety, financial, and environmental factors which make other cars much more practical right now. But, fear not. We will be together someday.

Now, if you will please go back into the happy garage from which you came, I will make a calm and rational choice for my next vehicle without the tempting distraction created by a "For Sale" sign in your rear window.
Image from http://coolcruisers.com/

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha!! I have one of those dream cars as well. But what ARE you realistically looking at buying?