September 6, 2010

85° and Sunny

My first weekend back in Memphis since moving to Nashville was wonderful. As a friend recently said, I am finding a new normal. Though I am not there all of the time, Memphis is still my home. I made sure to hit up a few favorite local eateries, see some friends, and spend lots of quality time with Peter.

Sunday after church, Peter and and I grabbed lunch at Young Avenue Deli with Stacey and Tim. It's hard to believe but one of the next times I'm back in Memphis will be for their wedding! Where does the time go?
Peter and I were suppose to do some reading Sunday afternoon but we couldn't resist spending time in the perfect weather. We ventured out to Shelby Farms where I spotted a new promotional banner for the Greenline. I cannot wait for the grand opening October 9th! Without a doubt, on my first October trip back to Memphis we'll be walking the Greenline- or at least part of it.


  1. Oh and Lily has gotten bigger....if that's possible!

  2. Kels- Thanks! I'll have to meet your pup some time.

    Stace- Round face or not, I think that picture of us is cute. Also, Lily is filling out but somehow her weigh isn't changing. Perhaps Great Dane's never stop growing.