September 19, 2010

Tennessee State Fair

Friday night, I went to the Tennessee State Fair. I cannot recall the last time I went to a fair- it had to be some time in high school. Whoa! I think in the few hours we were there my group had a very thorough fair experience. We perused the entire fairground making our way through the rides, games, agricultural buildings, and stables.

We saw the blue ribbon winners in many categories, including: hay, large produce, and cherry tomatoes- none which are as thrilling as you may think. Through a window I noticed that wollen fleece had also been judged but I didn't bother to check out the winner.

We walked through the rides but no one cared to brave the fold-away attractions.

The animals houses at the fair were a bit of an experience. I saw a few birds that I had never seen before which I suppose I had the option to buy since most of the animals were for sale.

Of course there were games. Despite the group effort to monopolize the water gun race, the team came back empty handed.

Fair Food is hard to describe. It's disgusting. Or maybe, delicious. One of the two. The fair offered food in every category of the pyramid. Apparently the Tennessee State Fair is known for Deep Fried Goo-Goo Clusters which are marshmallow, caramel, peanuts and chocolate deep fired and dusted {heavily} with powdered sugar. As a whole, I think we tried everything but the Hot Beef Sundae.

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