October 11, 2010

Baby Quinn

Peter and I made the trip down to Lilburn last weekend to meet the newest member of our family, Baby Quinn. Baby Quinn is Nancy and Will's daughter who we all eagerly awaited for 9 months and 1 day. It was so rewarding to see Nancy as a mom. Her new, forever role suites her beautifully.

Quinn was squirmy in the womb and is proving to be squirmy outside. When they are open, her big, currently blue eyes are always on the move investigating the world.
Aunt Lisa and I kept checking out Quinn's toes {or tingers as Aunt Lisa calls them since the long baby toes strongly resemble fingers}. Gunther and Lily kept checking out Quinn's everything; both pups made sure to give their own types of kisses to the newby.
As my friend and fellow blogger, Hawley of Team Scheider 1+1=3, pointed out, Quinn is already fully herself. We are all constantly changing and growing. I'm excited to be part of Quinn's life and can't wait to see how she's grown when we visit for Thanksgiving.

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  1. so sweet! congratulations aunt parker and uncle peter!