November 1, 2010

Just Call Me Four Eyes

Apart from when I read, I am now a full-time glasses wearer. Blast. I've had glasses for years now, but have managed only to wear them as needed. A few months ago I realized that I couldn't read street signs and decided it was time for new specs. After going to the optometrist I learned that my vision is now 20/40 {which, in the lovely state Tennessee, is still legal to drive without corrective eye-wear}.

My new glasses are modern with a hint of retro. I like them. I am also getting a back up pair in case something happens to these and, lets be real, because I love variety.


  1. Very nice! Do you know about Warby Parker? They have really cute glasses and are really reasonable!

  2. I do! I actually have a box of Home Try-Ons to return to them this week. What an awesome company!