December 5, 2010

A Very Nashville Christmas

Saturday a group of us ventured to Opryland to check out A Very Country Christmas. We were all surprised by the crowd and Opryland in general. Our initial shock came when we had to pay $18 plus tax to park. After overcoming the shock of parking, we enjoyed the lights outside of the hotel. The trees were covered in thousand of white lights making for a very classic Christmas look.  
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Once we ventured inside, we decided that the place was basically a casino (without the gambling) trying to be Disney World meets Rainforest Cafe.  We wandered through the labyrinth of floors and atriums taking in the sites and sounds- which included not one, but two, weddings and receptions. 
We were looking forward to the Brightest Star Fountain Show which is set to Christmas music; sadly, due to the weddings the show was cancelled. Still, we enjoyed the interior decorations while we meandered through.  
Perhaps it goes without saying that there was no shortage of opportunities to spend money at Opryland. We made our way into the Very Country Christmas Official Store where I spotted a potential gift for Peter, unfortunately it cost $100, you know, give or take, so I opted out of the purchase.  
I'm glad I went to Opryland if only to say that I've been there- I don't suppose I could live in Nashville and not visit Opryland at least one time. It made for a lovely Saturday afternoon writing break and helped put us all in the holiday spirit. 


  1. don't tell me the snowman with Peter's name on it cost $100!!!!

  2. No, I was being facetious. I didn't even look at the price- I just took a guess based on the fact that everything else was overpriced :)

  3. if you ever go back, you can park across mcgavok at the caney fork restaurant for free. pre-flood you could park for free at the mall and walk over, but there's a fence up now.