July 26, 2010

Our Good Thing

I can hardly believe it's been two years. We have been abundantly blessed!

July 22, 2010

Family Pictures

As you may recall, over Forth of July weekend we went to South Carolina. While we spent the majority of our time on the lake, we managed to squeeze in an early morning session with my dear friend and photographer Meredith. Meredith is wildly talented! With my move to Nashville quickly approaching, I wanted some up-to-date pictures of us.

We have engagement pictures that were taken
three years ago which I do not love. When our engagement pictures arrived, there were 140 of which 3 were decent. The photographer didn't understand the style we were looking for at all. The bulk of these pictures are hidden somewhere in the depths of my hard drive; perhaps I'll let a few of the gems surface one day soon. Besides the fact that the photographer and I had different ideas of style, we look 3 years younger. The pictures were before I was teaching. Before moving to Memphis. Before our dogs. And house- even before our first and second apartments. Our life has continued beyond the pictures; they are amusing to look at but could not suffice as current. We also have wedding pictures. Gorgeous wedding pictures. But, I don't want to put too many of those up. It seems a bit weird. And again, that was practically two years ago so they aren't exactly current. With a few text messages, emails, and phone calls back and forth with Meredith the date was set. We drove from Lilburn to Easley arriving at 7:00am, in order to get the best light. {In truth, we were a bit late. And tired. We got into Lilburn late the night before and had not gone to sleep until 2:00am.} Meredith was lots of fun and dealt quite well with us. We are exceeding awkward and need abundant amounts of direction.

I was thrilled when I received 145 pictures from Meredith. I love so many of them its not worth counting! If I thought you wouldn't die from boredom, I would post them all. She selected great locations and is more talented than she gives herself credit for. If you have a family or baby in need of pictures in Upstate South Carolina, be in touch with Meredith. Her prices are more than reasonable and you
will not be disappointed!

Outfit 1: Location 1

What a pose! Did I mention we're awkward?

Fact: I've had these shoes since the 10th grade. I still love them.
Kissy Kissy Smoochy Smoochy #1Bonus points if you can spot the Casio Calculator watch in this picture.Outfit 1: Location 2
Kissy Kissy Smoochy Smoochy #2Outfit 2: Location 2

I love how you can tell we're laughing! This may be in my top 3.

What a handsome, photogenic man!
To me- this looks like us.
Kissy Kissy Smoochy Smoochy #3
Outfit 2: Location 3

What a location!

The colors! Who knew a beige wall could make everything else so crisp?
This is one of Peter's favorites. FYI: We're sitting in a cornfield.

July 21, 2010

July 20, 2010

New Wheels

After the car drowned, we recognized that there were a few options:

Option 1: Buy a used car with the cash we get from insurance then cross our fingers for 2 years.
Dilemma 1: Too risky. We aren't getting that much cash.

Option 2: Buy a new-ish SUV because after I finish school we'd like one.
Dilemma 2: We don't need it or want it yet.

Option 3: Lease something reasonable.
Dilemma 3: We've never leased before.

After some research, we decided that leasing was the best option for our current situation (one paycheck, two grad students, etc.) After a week of perusing cars, we have a new vehicle. The 2010 Honda Fit. It's ugly- not that ugly, maybe goofy is a better word. Looking beyond the aesthetics, the car is fantastic. The gas mileage, safety features, and dependability are quite a bit ahead of the late Acura. Also, the storage beat out any comparable car for the price. Most lease deals last 3 years, as does the one we signed on Saturday. It looks like the Fit is mine until 2013, sort of. Although it is my new car, Peter will be the primary driver. Since I will be spending loads of time on I-40 in the next couple of years, we'll be putting the mileage on the Mazda 3. But Peter isn't complaining- he gets a new car.

July 19, 2010

Pantry Scavanger: PW's Risotto

Oh. My. Word. The Pioneer Woman's Risotto will improve your marriage {or any relationship} and life in general. I halved the recipe which was enough for us with ample leftovers. It is certainly a time commitment but very much worth it! We enjoyed our life changing risotto with salmon and asparagus, both grilled, but it can be eaten with just about anything or alone. It's almost too much to handle.

July 17, 2010


In light of recent events, I have been reviewing the Acura's history.

My car and I traveled far and often. With me at the wheel, the 3.2TL was able to spend time in 17 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia.

When my grandmother drove her new car off the lot the odometer read: 9. During the 4 years she drove the car, Mimi racked up a whopping 26,443 miles, which just over 6,610/years. During the 7 years I drove the car, I racked up 128,176 miles, which just over 18,310/yr.

I know that car missed Mimi.

July 16, 2010

Dog or Something Different?

Gunther is a Boston Terrier; yet, often it seems he is something else entirely. An alien. A small person, comfortably napping. A baby bird. Perhaps, he is best classified as an anomaly.

July 15, 2010

See You In My Dreams

To: All Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60s

Dearest dream car, while I am in the process of car shopping, I'd appreciate if I didn't have to see you so often. You, in a beautiful restored condition, have been my favorite car for as long as I remember. Presently I have no skills or time to restore my own car, putting you a bit out of reach. There are also certain safety, financial, and environmental factors which make other cars much more practical right now. But, fear not. We will be together someday.

Now, if you will please go back into the happy garage from which you came, I will make a calm and rational choice for my next vehicle without the tempting distraction created by a "For Sale" sign in your rear window.
Image from http://coolcruisers.com/

July 14, 2010

Survey Says: Totaled

Correction: the insurance adjuster says, "Totaled." The meaning is the same: my car is done. I'm sad. But moving on none the less.

Image from http://www.motortrend.com

July 12, 2010

Woe is me.

Accomplished today:

1- Drove to Nashville
2- Saw new apartment
3- Visited various Vanderbilt offices
4- Made the most of a trip to Trader Joe's
5- Drove back to Memphis
6- Met with Stand for Children staff member
7- Flooded the Acura*

*7 was not on my original To-Do list for today. It just happened. During a flash flood. At 6:45am. I am now waiting to hear the fate of my car. My loyal, loyal vehicle that got me through high school, college, and beyond and owes me absolutely nothing may have drown today. 5 blocks from our house. Woe is me.

I left the house during a downpour at 6:40am for Nashville. As I rounded the corner onto the main street {RIGHT BEHIND ANOTHER SEDAN!} my car started to float. I called Peter. Peter, being the awesome husband and all around stellar man that he is, rescued me. He hopped into his car, drove as far as he could, then ran through the rain storm straight for the 3.5ft of water in which my car was drowning. By the time he got there, I was collecting all of the important things in the car and contemplating my exit strategy since the right side of my car was letting in water which was then up to the seats. He, along with two good Samaritans, pushed my car out of the deep as I steered it to the curb. Peter then handed me the keys to his car sending me on my way to Nashville- like I said he is an awesome husband and all around stellar man.

While I drove East, Peter was in touch with our car guy and insurance company. He bailed out the car to the best of his ability and hosed off the floor mats. When the tow truck arrived, he watched as the last bit of water pour out of the tail pipe. The insurance adjuster is going to take a look at the damage and let us know if it is totaled or repairable.

So for now, we wait.

July 8, 2010

Project du jour

It is a rare occasion that we visit Peter's family, however briefly, and do not find ourselves helping with some sort of project. Last Monday, after a lovely trip to the lake, we spent some time in Lilburn. This visit was no exception to the norm.

Nancy purchased a new washing machine on Monday after she grew tired of the old one rattling her entire house. With her due date rapidly approaching there was no time like the present to replace the washer. But, because our first niece or nephew- oh, I'm sorry- her first son or daughter will be here soon, she was unable to assist in moving the washers.

As we headed over to Nancy and Will's, I knew I wouldn't be able to help either. I can't actually touch anything in the house because of Yoda, Jessie, Fat Ron, and Oscar. This is Oscar and I have severe allergies to him and the rest of the feline gang. Hoping to be something more than totally useless, I decided to document the entire project.

I watched as they moved the old washer out. And down the stairs.
Then as they unloaded the new washer off the truck. And moved the washer up the driveway toward the house. Squeezing into the entry.
And back up the stairs. {Side note: Isn't that floor gorgeous? I love hardwood!}And finally, fitting the new washer into it's happy home.

July 7, 2010

Pocket Peter

I saw this picture on my sister-in-law's fridge and couldn't resist.

July 6, 2010

The Fourth

Over the weekend, we went to the lake. {Really we went to a lake, but since it is just about the only lake we go to I will continue to call it the lake}. We had a great time hanging out with friends we don't see nearly enough and playing on the water. At least I think it was playing.

Everything started out so innocently. But things changed. And I got nervous. Or anxious. Which is more severe? My anxiety was not without cause. Oh my word. Yikes.This may be too much. When all was said and done on the water, we made it back with just a few sore muscles, raw knees and elbows, and a bruise or two. I had a bruise on my back! This bruise- though nothing serious- surprised me. How could I possibly have bruised under the life jacket? We had a great time celebrating the 4th of July in South Carolina. On our drive home we discussed, yet again, how much we would love to be a few hours closer to our dear friends and family without actually moving.

Speaking of driving home, have I mentioned how much the pups love being in the car? Next to food and exercise, riding in the car is their favorite thing.