November 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Folks, I took a vacation. For 10 days I did not worry about school - or do any work for that matter- and I didn't take many pictures. I went home. It was great. I was able to visit with friends (and their beautiful babies) and spend time with Peter.

For Thanksgiving we went to Atlanta. On Thursday morning we ran the Atlanta half marathon. You did not misread that, we actually ran the half. When I registered, I had lofty hopes of training- which did not pan out. I like the adrenaline of race day but I do not like the time that is required to train. Either way, we finished.
We enjoyed two full days with our family in Georgia and the out-of-towners that came for Thanksgiving. Peter's uncle is quite the shutterbug. He was snapping photos all weekend. When I get them, I'll put them up. Unless I forget. Now I'm back at school, watching the semester wind down. Just 4  classes and 2 assignments before I go home for Christmas break.

Party on Garth.

November 14, 2010

November 7, 2010

Over the Weekend

This weekend was a blur. Friday night Leslie and I, sans camera, headed to East Nashville to dine at the Family Wash. We devoured kettle chips covered in Gorgonzola cheese and bacon then shared a vegetarian Shepard's pie. Somehow we managed to save room for the homemade desserts- yes, that is plural. On Tuesdays the Family Wash has a $10 Pint & Pie night. After our fabulous comfort food experience, the plan is to get a group together for a Tuesday trip.

Peter came into town late Friday night. Early Saturday we made our way to the Vanderbilt tailgate where Peter was able to confirm his existence to some of my classmates. After the tailgate, in true Vandy style, we left. Don't judge; we had errands to run. For lunch we made our way to Hot Diggity Dog. Of course, it was awesome.

We got a New York, a Nashville, and a Texas. The homemade coleslaw at HDD is hard to beat and even Peter, a professed coleslaw hater, really like it.

Originally, I was supposed to go home this weekend but plans changed when it was decided that there would be a surprise birthday for Peter's sister L. in Nashville on Saturday night. You see, L. decided she would celebrate her birthday with a girl's weekend in Nashville. But- being a milestone birthday, we all wanted it to be special. My MIL, L.'s best friend, and I planned a party in Nashville. After L. drove up from Atlanta Friday night, the family, Baby Quinn and all, packed and drove up Saturday morning.

The look on L.'s face when she saw everyone was priceless. After all of the fretting, we really pulled off the surprise. I love, love, love this picture from the party!

Side note: I struggle with low-light indoor pictures. One day, when I'm not in graduate school, I fully intend on (1) learning more about our camera and (2) purchasing another lens.

November 6, 2010

Café Coco

Having heard good things about Cafe Coca from various friends, I recommended it as a lunch spot. J. and I try to meet up once a week for lunch, emphasis on try. When you walk into Cafe Coco you are immediately greeted with an instructional board. Of course, neither of us noticed it and had to be directed by a member of the wait staff.

After deciding that we'd take table service rather than order at the bar, we examined the menu. J. was really into it {that's her behind the menu}. We decided on sandwiches.

J. got a chicken wrap, which was a bit bland, and fries, which were great. I got an avocado garden grill sandwich which was fantastic. I don't think Coco will become our regular spot but with 24 hr. service, I'm sure I'll be back.

November 3, 2010


For the next few months the Scott kids are: 20, 21, 22, 24. The older we get the closer it seems. I know its nuts, but it's pretty cool being so close in age.

November 1, 2010

Just Call Me Four Eyes

Apart from when I read, I am now a full-time glasses wearer. Blast. I've had glasses for years now, but have managed only to wear them as needed. A few months ago I realized that I couldn't read street signs and decided it was time for new specs. After going to the optometrist I learned that my vision is now 20/40 {which, in the lovely state Tennessee, is still legal to drive without corrective eye-wear}.

My new glasses are modern with a hint of retro. I like them. I am also getting a back up pair in case something happens to these and, lets be real, because I love variety.