April 25, 2011

Done and Dusted

Three day weekends with beautiful weather are made for outdoor projects. Last weekend we successfully landscaped the frontyard and backyard, planted a potted garden, and painted the front porch ceiling. The landscaping isn't much to look at.  In the front we just filled in some holes and in the back the word of the day was removal. We dug up every bush and all of the monkey grass in sight. The dogs make it difficult to grow anything in the backyard- yes, that includes grass. As a result, like last year, my garden is elevated. This year we jazzed it up with marigolds, poppies, and dahlias.
After we finished landscaping, I started another project. Since the first time I saw a haint blue ceiling in the South Carolina Lowcountry I've been completely obsessed! There are a number of legends about the reasons for a blue ceiling: warding off evil spirits, extending daylight, or keeping bugs away, but frankly, I just think it looks great. And clean. I've been talking about painting our porch ceiling since we moved in - three years ago. For whatever reason, I decided that it was time. While it certainly wasn't the most comfortable area to paint, it makes a big difference.

April 16, 2011

Frühstück :: Breakfast :: Woof

[His] Peter's view during breakfast last week in Tuttlingen, Germany.
[Hers] My view during breakfast last week in Nashville, Tennessee.  
 [Theirs] Gunther and Lily's view last week in Memphis, Tennessee.

April 13, 2011

April, concisely.

Earlier this month Peter came to Nashville for pancakes and prom.  It was a delightful weekend where I got to share my life in Nashville with Peter. In other news, my first year of grad school wraps up this month {which is the exact reason this blog has been suffering}. I'll be back soon, I swear.