May 28, 2011

Change of Plans

Last August, I moved to Nashville for "two years."  After completing typical Fall and Spring Semesters, I opted to take a full semester load in the summer so that I could graduate and move home in December. And that was the plan. Until it wasn't.

On May 18 I received a game changing email. For the first time, I was provided a copy of the student handbook. Upon reading the handbook, I learned that my school will accept up to six transfer hours.  Rewind: In the spring of 2008, in order to maintain my alternative teacher licensure, I enrolled in a master's program. Then I took two classes - for a total of six credit hours.  

After reading the handbook, I sent emails to the necessary faculty and staff about the possibility of receiving credit for the courses I took in 2008. And I got the green light! As of July 1 I will need just one more class in order to graduate in December. Since my program offers weekend classes, there is no need for me to live in Nashville next fall.

Wednesday, I moved home.  I'm thrilled. Maybe beyond thrilled. What a tremendous blessing!

May 13, 2011


I am constantly on the lookout for decorating inspiration. Recently, I found a dream bedroom featured in Coastal Living. On April 28, I sent a scan of it to my mom {since she's a decorator extraordinaire} so she could help me figure out how to create an inspired room within our budget. Of particular interest to me, were the bedside tables:
You see, Peter and I don't have any. I act like we do keeping a number of things on the floor my the bed but I've always thought that actual tables would be nice. The table featured in the article is a $185 Island Retreat table that the designers painted white. They are a bit above our budget! 

On May 4, my mom saw a listing on the Baltimore Craigslist for "2 Cool Endtables" for $30. She emailed me the link to see if I would like them. The tables looked dreamy, and the price was oh-so affordable, so I said, "Yes, please!" We talked about how the heck I was going to get the tables from Maryland to Tennesee and resolved that it would work itself out. Somehow.

When she went to pick them up she struck up a conversation with the young lady selling the tables. We will call this lady Jess. I imagine their conversation went something like this:
Mom: Well you're not from here, are you?
Jess: No, my grandmother just passed away and we're just up cleaning out her apartment. I live in Tennessee. 
Mom: No way! I'm actually getting these for my daughter who lives in Tennessee. Where do you live?
Jess: I live in Memphis...
Mom: So does my daughter. She lives in Midtown. 
Jess: Oh, well I actually live in Germantown.
Mom: It's so funny we were just talking about how she would get them to Memphis. Could I pay you to take them there?
Jess: Pay me? No, I'm Southern, we love to do these things {That is a direct quote!} I'd be happy to take them. I don't know if they will fit in my car but I can certainly get them into my mom's car.
Mom: Well, I'd like to pay you 'cause I have some lamps I'd like to get to her too.
Jess: Just bring them on over. I'm happy to take them back with me.
At this point, my mom left to get the lamps, which were also found on the Baltimore Craigslist. They were a steal, at $5 each, as well as large, yellow, and wildly fun:
Mom gave Jess my number and vigilantly hoped that she was as honest as she seemed.

Well, yesterday I got a call from Jess. She had the tables and lamps and wanted to get them to me. This morning, the items that I got for $40 on the Baltimore Craigslist were delivered to me free of charge in Memphis, Tennessee.  I went ahead and gave Karen some Muddy's cupcakes as a "Thank You" and she was delighted.  But not as delighted as me. Check out this room!  I hope you can see all of the potential:

May 8, 2011

Morning Stroll

We took a walk downtown this morning along the Mississippi River. It is quite a sight! We parked by our old apartment and wandered the Riverwalk to Jefferson Ave. As we took in the nondiscriminating power of the water, we saw police officers, city workers, and apparent basketball fans doing the same. Between the Grizzlies and the Big Muddy the attention of the city has been captured as One Memphis.

May 2, 2011

Whadda Weekend

Wow. Last weekend was absolutely great.

After watching the Grizz lose to the Spurs in overtime on Wednesday, Peter and I decided we'd get tickets for Game 6 in the FedEx Forum. We were fortunate to get tickets before they sold out and witness first-hand the Grizzlies' first playoff series win. Believe Memphis.
Photo from
Saturday we spent the afternoon with our church family at a Crawfish Boil. The party was planned for church members of all ages; a face-painter, moon-bounce and other entertainment were present for the kiddos. We were at the party until early evening when we headed over to Playhouse on the Square.
Photo from
Saturday night we attended Playhouse on the Square's Annual Original Art Auction. A sweet artist friend of ours knew we were in the market for some new pieces, so she gave us her tickets to the event. We ending up getting two unique and original pieces {more on those later} for incredible prices while supporting local theater. Definitely a win for everyone!

Sunday, we moved all of our current artwork around in order to accommodate the new purchases. Finally, after three years of having nothing for the space, we were able to outfit the nook in our hallway with my great grandmother's work and a table we found at the World's Apart Outlet on Hollywood.
After such a wonderful weekend, I really didn't want to head back to Nashville. But my better sense prevailed and I am now in Nashville ready to kick off another, very accelerated, semester. Here goes nothing.