September 2, 2011

8 Weeks

There was a hiccup early on in this pregnancy that landed me on bed rest. I've spent the last two months off my feet and on the couch.  It's been trying but I made it {believe me, we were touch and go there for awhile, I do not do inactive well}. We are tremendously blessed to have a community of supportive friends who spent the last two months cooking dinner for us, coming to visit, and, on rare occasion, helping me jail break.

I hadn't forgotten about this blog as some of you may think.  I considered blogging but didn't have much to say. You see, I basically spent the time watching offensive amounts of TV, reading, and playing on the computer.

As far as the dogs are concerned, they believe it is now my full-time job to spend every waking moment with them— they are certainly in for a rude awaking down the road. If Gunther or Lily were more active it might have been a challenge but our pups gladly lay in bed for hours on end. To break up the monotony, I would give myself time outside to enjoy the sunshine. Gunther usually stayed by my side while Lily would chase her ball in the yard. No surprises there.  

Wednesday my doctor lifted many of my bed rest restrictions. I'll go back in a few weeks and hopefully regain more all of my freedom. No doubt it will be easier to wrap up my master's degree if I can actually go to Nashville for class.

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