November 28, 2011

Master Bedroom: Bedside Tables

Remember then we got these tables from Maryland? It was a very small world after all  experience. After living with the bedside tables as-is for six months, I found some dreamy hardware that motivated me to get working: 
I liked my new hardware so much I took the old hardware off before getting a true "before" picture. Since we're using cream, yellow, and gray in our room, I figured it'd be best to lighten the bedside tables. While I briefly considered painting the tables gray, I already had off white and decide that it would look fine. Not to mention, we have two different wood finishes elsewhere in our room so using off white created some consistency between the dresser and bedside tables.  
These tables were a bit tricky since the wood stain on them ran when I applied the paint. To solve this problem, after the first coat of paint, I sprayed each table with a coat of Shellac, sealing the wood finish. With the next two coats of paint, the wood stain was fully covered. I also had to fill the holes where the old hardware was installed then install the new hardware.  Overall, it was a pretty easy makeover. Slowly but surely our bedroom is coming together.

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  1. Gorgeous, of course....I really need you to come visit and help me get some of my projects done. I have lots of plans, but haven't made much progress.