December 9, 2011

Living Area: Paint

Remember when I mentioned we were planning on painting our entire living area? Ten months later, I am happy to report the project is complete!  We didn't go with Behr's Heavy Cream as originally planned but instead used Martha Stewart's Pip. Heavy Cream, as it turned out, had a bit too much cream in it. I wanted a color that lightened our space while coordinating with our current trim color. Heavy Cream was too light so the trim looked yellow. Pip, on the other hand, brightened the trim.

We started painting back in May with the plan to do one room every other weekend until the job was complete. We were able to do the master bedroom and living room before we got off schedule.  While Peter did the majority of the leg work, I helped a bit with those first two rooms. Then I got pregnant and was quickly put on bed rest so Peter was tasked to complete the job alone.  It would be an understatement to say I was needy while on bed rest. On the weekends I wanted constant company. I justified the delay in schedule any way I could and asked Peter to sit with me. Once my restrictions were lifted, Peter painted the hallway leaving only the dining room. The dining room should have been a breeze to knock out. But it wasn't. Not only does the dining room contain the heaviest furniture in the house but we had loads of excuses, from visitors to our own travel. Six months after we started painting, the dining room still looked like this:
 Last weekend, I went to Nashville for my last class! While I was gone, Peter solicited the help of some friends to move the heavy furniture out of the dining room then finished the painting project started so many months ago. I came home to a very bright dining room that now matches the rest of the house: 

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  1. Love the color and the chair seats!