December 12, 2011

Living Room: Coffee Table

In 2008, Peter and I upgraded from his bachelor-pad coffee table to a more substantial piece found at a Crate and Barrel sample sale. The coffee table has a glass top intended to reveal the items displayed inside. When we got the table, the plan was to line it with dark fabric and display our piecemeal collection of silver.

Fast forward to December 2011, the coffee table remained on an ever expanding to-do list of home projects. But no longer! When Peter cleared out the dining room in order to paint, he had to empty the bookcase we use as a china cabinet. Since he emptied the room and painted, I figured the least I could do was restock the bookcase. After filling nearly every shelf, I was left with our various pieces of tarnished silver. Upon noticing the tarnish, I decided I should clean the silver before putting it away. While the newly clean silver sat to dry on the kitchen counter, I thought, "What a pity I'm just going to store it away in the bottom of the bookcase."

The thought was enough to motivate me right over to Joann's. I considered using black felt or black velvet; however, once I saw the prices of the fabric my mind was made up. At $2.99/yard, the price of felt was right! I went ahead and bought a yard and a half, double what I needed, in order to leave room for error.

I meticulously measured the inside of the coffee table then used white chalk to mark my cutting lines on the felt. While the efforts at precision took longer than anticipated, they paid off. Once cut, the felt fit snugly into the coffee table. I put the silver in the coffee table along with some other odds and ends, and it's great {it looks much better than it photographs}:
After nearly three years in the queue, line the coffee table has been scratched off the to-do list.

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