December 31, 2011

Memorable Dates of 2011

Looking back on the past year, Peter and I realized that it's been full of memorable dates. Here are our Top Five: 

Five: December 4    
Ten months after starting to paint the living space, we finished on December 4th! As I've mentioned, it would be more accurate to say "Peter finished." Along the way, we ran into a number of speed bumps that halted our progress and a number of others that became side projects themselves. Of course now that the walls are finished, I've moved on to bigger and better things like painting furniture and nesting.

Four & Three: October 1 and October 7
In less than week in October, two of Peter's best friends got married to a couple of wonderful women. The first wedding was in Seneca, South Carolina and the second in Nashville, Tennessee. We were delighted to share in the the festivities and support each couple. As a side note, I was happy to see Peter in a tux; in nearly eight years, that was a first!

Picture from
Picture from Day In & Day Out

Two: May 18 
On May 18th, I received an email with the seemingly insignificant subject Handbook Draft. The sender encouraged current students to review the draft and send any comments back to him. Upon reading the draft, I learned that Vanderbilt would accept transfer hours. A short email chain and phone call to Univeristy of Memphis later, I called Peter to let him know I'd be moving back to Memphis, full-time, at the end of the week which was seven months ahead of schedule. We were delighted and bewildered by the news!

One: June 19
Late on Father's Day, we saw two pink lines! (This picture is from earlier that day while we were in Georgia celebrating Peter's dad.) I wish I had some sweet story about telling Peter I was pregnant by alluding to him being a wonderful father or giving him some sort of "Dad" gift but I don't. First off, I'm not that cute. Secondly, we were both surprised, in a wonderful and blessed way, by the pregnancy. We now move into 2012 in eager anticipation of this child's arrival.

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