December 29, 2011

Ms. Kathy

Since our Thanksgiving trip to Georgia, Peter and I have been driving his mom's minivan. It makes perfect sense, actually. You see, we'd been in the market for a new loveseat but had yet to commit to one. When Peter found out his folks were getting new couch to replace the current couch and loveseat in their family room, Peter suggested that we buy the old loveseat from them. After a bit of inquiring, Peter's very generous parents told us we could have their loveseat and borrow their vehicle to transport it back to Memphis. After Thanksgiving we left our car in Georgia and drove the van home. Since the van is adorned with a hot pink vanity plate honoring the owner, Ms. Kathy, Peter and I have taken to calling the van Ms. Kathy.
Originally, we were going to hold on to Ms. Kathy for just a week. Ten days after Thanksgiving I had class in Nashville so my mother-in-law planned to meet me to swap cars. However a few days before the planned swap, she called Peter to say she wasn't in a hurry to get the van back and we could postpone the swap until January when she'll be visiting Memphis. We happily agreed to extend our time with Ms. Kathy from ten days to seven weeks.

Knowing we'd be driving Ms. Kathy to Baltimore, we made arrangements to swap our dining room chairs. We took our old dining room chairs back to Maryland and brought back new ones [more on that later].  My family thought taking advantage of the van was a good idea too so when we drove back to Memphis Ms. Kathy was loaded down with a buffet, two side tables, and a coffee-table which I'll deliver to my mom's Etsy customer, along with other odds and ends, all of our luggage, and the four dining room chairs we planned on getting.  
Overall, Ms. Kathy has been very good to us. She's very roomy and the stow-and-go seats are pretty cool. We're not ready to commit to driving a minivan full-time but Peter and I have certainly been impressed.

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  1. too funny! love the van and the nickname