December 19, 2011

Nursery: Changing Pad Tray

A few months ago I saw a project plan for a DIY changing pad tray on Lay Baby Lay. Knowing that we would be using the top of a dresser as a changing table, I decided it would be a good project for the nursery. Like many other projects Peter and I discuss, we realized that we were short on the necessary building supplies and work space. We agreed it would be a good project for Peter and his dad.  That left the issue of purchasing the changing pad so the guys could build the tray with the proper dimensions.  Conveniently, and to our good fortune, Peter's oldest sister, N., let us know that she had an unused changing pad, among many other items, that we were welcome to use.  While we were in Georgia for Thanksgiving, I collected many wonderful baby items from N. while Peter and his dad built the changing tray using scrap-wood his dad had on hand.

As expected, Peter's dad tweaked the project plan a bit. He determined the proper dimensions for the changing pad N. had given us were a bit smaller than the dimensions in the plan. He also decided there was no apparent reason to use slats for the base of the tray and instead opted for a solid piece of plywood.  Finally, he opted to reinforce the tray with glue.
Once Peter and his dad completed the body of the tray, they decided to add beadboard to the sides to create a more finished look. With the addition of the beadboard I think it's fair to say we have the fanciest changing pad tray on the block. 
Once construction of the tray was complete, I painted it using paint leftover from the dresser and shelf projects. One vital measurement that both Peter and I forgot to take before starting this project was the width of the dresser in the nursery. We counted ourselves very, very lucky when we brought the tray home, placed it on the dresser for the first time and discovered the perfect fit! 
Since we used scrap-wood and leftover paint, the total cost of the changing tray project was $0. Even the changing pad was free to us through the generosity of Peter's sister.
*The yellow bird on the dresser was a gift to Baby Slaton from AC. I love the color and the shape! For now, the bird is living on the dresser, though she may get moved onto the shelf once baby arrives. 

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  1. Good job - everything looks so beautiful (although I'm far from shocked).