January 27, 2012

Laundry Closet: Shelves

The other project Peter and his dad took on last weekend was enhancing the storage in our laundry closet. I put in a request for one additional shelf but my father-in-law decided they could do better. And boy, oh, boy did they! 

I forgot to take a picture of the laundry closet before they started working so I dug this picture up from when we toured the house with our realtor. Hopefully the old tenants don't mind...
Peter and his dad came up with a plan that would significantly enhance our storage in the closet. They decided to add two additional shelves, one above the current shelf and one below. They decided to build the upper shelf in a u-shape in order to best utilize the space. Since we don't have a basement or garage, the guys worked in the backyard. Peter already had a stock of wood in his shed so they only had to get brackets from the store.
With the wood cut, they worked together to hang the shelves. 
It took hardly any time for me to find items to store on our new shelves. I've been working on making space available throughout the house in order to create openings for the various items that we will acquire in our role as parents. 
Next up for the laundry room is paint! Peter and I are going to paint the shelves and perhaps the walls.

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  1. holy shelving! That's amazing!!!