January 26, 2012

Master Bathroom: Hanging the Valance

One of the projects Peter and his dad accomplished last weekend was hanging the valance in our master bath. When we got our new shower curtains we also got a valance to help dress up our bathroom. Peter and his dad knocked out the project in record time.

Step one was to cut a piece of wood to the exact width of our shower. They opted to get wood that was already primed. This meant that once hung, the project would look complete from inside of the shower. Of course, we could have painted the wood or covered it in fabric for the same effect.
With the wood measured to the proper length, they set about stapling the valance to the wood. Since the top edge of the valance was roughly cut it took a bit of strategizing to be sure the valance was attached evenly.
Once stapled to the wood, all that was left to do was screw the valance into the ceiling. The white of the valance helps break up some of the coral and it balances the white shelves on the other side of the bathroom.
Initially when the valance was just a concept, I envisioned coral trim on the edge. The seamstress who made the valance struggled with the best way to attach the trim so we opted out. However, once hung, I realized that the valance does need something to ease the transition between the solid white and printed fabrics so my mom and I will be addressing that when she comes next month. 
Regardless of the trim issue, I think the valance looks wonderful. I love the shape and the way it enhances our bathroom! The two panel shower curtains certainly look better with a valance. For the record, I did not iron the valance before it was hung, I'm just going to hope the wrinkles fall out over time.

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