January 16, 2012

Master Bathroom: Shower Curtains and More

For the last few years, the master bathroom has been a low priority space for change. But over the last several months we've been making improvements to our bathroom. I suppose it started because we've been working on our bedroom (I'll get pictures up soon!) and I wanted the bathroom to look complete as well.  As you may recall, we took ages to decide on a paint color for the bathroom. We lived with various color samples on the walls for a long time. In April 2010, I put a blue sample on the bathroom wall only to decide I wanted a warmer color. Then in February 2011, I decided with certainty what that color should be and in, April 2011, Peter painted the bathroom. 

Once the bathroom was painted, the next issue was the shower curtain. The tile in our bathroom goes up to the ceiling so we needed a very long shower curtain. Using some beautiful Schumacher fabric that matches the color of the walls, we had two panel shower curtains made. We typically keep the two curtains together so pardon the scarf that I used to tie off the curtain. There is also a valence that will go at the top, but we haven't quite gotten around to hanging it. Soon enough. Once the new shower curtain was up, it become a catalyst for other changes in the bathroom. It started with some new bath mats. 

We decided to hang some shelves above the toilet. After a bit of window shopping, we found some white floating shelves at Lowe's that were easy enough to install.
The shelves offer some additional storage which is very useful. They also add height to the other side of the bathroom which is visually appealing. For Christmas, my sister gave me some beautiful fish prints which I tucked into some IKEA frames we already had and hung by the shelves.

Finally, I wanted to reduce our counter-top clutter. So Peter and I set about clearing out our respective drawers and then reducing our counter-top items. I wanted to get trays for each of us to store our remaining counter-top items but I was met with some resistance. Initially Peter was hesitant to the idea of only having a tray, but after a week of discussion we decided to try it out. Once the counter space was clear, he found he favored the trays and they got to stay!

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  1. i could really borrow some of your energy to finish some projects...I keep waiting for mine to kick in;)