January 3, 2012

Master Bedroom: Bedside Tables, Again

When I last worked on our bedside tables in November, I knew the project was incomplete. I didn't paint the inner edge of the drawers so whenever I got something out, I was reminded that there was still work to be done.
I planned on getting some more of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint while we were in Baltimore (since I could buy it without paying for shipping) in fun colors then use the various colors to paint the sides and insides of the drawers of the beside tables, nursery dresser, and Peter's dresser. While in Maryland, I picked up Duck Egg Blue, Arles, and Barcelona Orange.
As I worked on another project, Peter painted the drawers using the Duck Egg Blue. For our purposes, the color was perfect! The gray-ish teal pairs very nicely with the color of the bedside tables and the leftover paint will be put to good use on other projects around the house.
After Peter painted, I waxed and sanded the drawers then reinstalled the hardware. Also, while the drawers were out, I painted the inner edge of the table but forgot to take a picture.
Painting the drawers gave our bedside tables a more finished look and essentially completed the project.


  1. love it! i want to get me some of that paint...wonder if it's sold in Atlanta?

  2. Thanks. According to the list of American Stockist there are quite a few stores around and one in Atlanta that sell it! Here's the list: http://www.anniesloan.com/acatalog/North_American_Stockists.html

  3. I love how productive ya'll have been! I have to come see everything very soon!