February 1, 2012

February First

The day is here, people: February 1.

It is a day I marked off months ago as a milestone. I said on February 1 we'd install the car seat bases*, I'd create a hospital bag list, and try to prepare myself for the fact that the baby could arrive at any time. I went to the doctor this morning and all is well. There are healthy indications of forward progress so it is fine time to make final preparations.

The start of February marks a shift in the types of projects I will be undertaking. Up until this point, most of my projects have had a clear beginning, middle, and end. This month the projects I have planned are far more fluid. I'm going to work on stocking our freezer with meals to share or enjoy once the baby arrives. I'd like to sort through and organize our files, a seemingly endless task. And I suppose I'll collect items and jot notes for the baby book. All projects which can easily be started, stopped, and resumed at any time.

Bring it on, February!
Calendar from Red Stamp
*One of the car seat bases has actually been in the car since January 18. I called to schedule a car seat check with our hospital and absentmindedly agreed to a check on February 27. Once I realized my error, I called back to reschedule and the only open date they had was January 18.  So the car seat base has been properly installed in the Fit since mid-January. Being February 1, we'll put the second base in the Mazda today.

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