March 18, 2012

Cole :: 1 month

It's hard to believe our baby girl is a month old already. What a busy month it has been! Cole has had so many firsts including her first bath, first play-date, and first nickname.  She has gone all over town shopping for clothes and keeping us company at restaurants. Just this morning she went to church for the first time! She managed to stay quiet until after the sermon when we decided to duck out. Hopefully we'll be able to stay for the whole service soon.

The overwhelming theme of Cole's first month has been love, evidenced by cards, calls, emails, gifts, and visitors. In the last four weeks Cole met her Grandma Kathy, Pop Pop Tim, Scottie, BD, Uncle TJ, Aunt Kelsey, and Uncle Ryan. She also met lots of her Memphis family! 

Cole takes her responsibilities very seriously; she is devoted to eating and sleeping well. She loves to check out the world around her with particular interest in her mobiles and art cards. Little miss does not like to be hungry or naked and has no problem letting us know. Cole is learning to love the dogs who, fortunately, have loved her from the start.

Its been exciting to watch Cole wake-up in the last few weeks. I'm sure as the weeks go by, we'll find Cole to be even more alert. In the last month Peter and I have become much more comfortable with Cole as she becomes more comfortable to life on the outside.

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