March 27, 2012

Oh, So Fond

In the last few weeks I have found myself increasingly fond of a few things, both new and old. Like showers. I have never liked a shower as much as I do right now, probably because prior to February 18, I could shower anytime I pleased. I'm also loving the Koala Sheet Saver. Yes, I'm doing laundry everyday. And yes, it only saves me from having to wash the crib sheet. But the fact that I don't have to fuss with dressing and undressing the crib mattress daily has made me a fan. More than anything else though, I am so, so fond of my new Kindle. Allow me to explain:

After a month of breastfeeding I found myself desperate for an activity that could be done while nursing that wasn't watching excessive amounts of television. Don't misunderstand, I like TV. It's just that between bed rest and nursing I'm confident I've seen nearly everything I care to. While I am grateful that I can nurse Cole and perhaps have that moment where I feel connected to women throughout history (I'm still waiting), hours upon hours spent providing milk left me feeling more bovine than feminine.

After considerable research,  I finally bit the bullet and bought the e-reader clearly I am not an early adopter. I'm smitten with my new Kindle! It is easy to use one-handed which is perfect. With any luck, reading while nursing will help me stop feeling like a cow. And grant me a very full 2012 Reading List.

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