April 30, 2012

Book Labels

In addition to much clothing, Cole has acquired quite the stock of children's books. As a result, I've been eying bookplate stamps on Etsy. While I think they are darling, I couldn't justify actually buying one. I knew if I gave it some time, bookplate stickers would be a cinch to make. Well, I finally got around to dedicating time to the task.

Remember when I reorganized our files? I had 60 file labels left over that I figured would be the right size for my bookplates (even more so the right price).  Since I'd used the labels before, the template was already on the computer. In an effort to make this a snappy project, I limited my creativity. I did opt to download a new font, Penmanship Print, which seemed well suited for children's bookplates. I also used various color for the text. After copying and pasting our last name repeatedly, our sheet of labels looked like this:
It took me about five minutes to put the bookplates in Cole's little collection of books - which actually isn't so little, she has over fifty books! Overall I'm pleased with the project. The price was right and it took less than thirty minutes to complete.

April 29, 2012


Last week Cole and I went to Baltimore. During our trip Cole has many firsts. Ever the fashionista, Cole wore her first hair bow on the trip. She took her first plane ride (and second and third and fourth) which all went very well.  She spent her first night in a Pack n' Play which went less well. So then she slept with me for the first time which went well except for a crippling fear that I was going to smother the baby.
We spent 8 days and 7 nights with family and old friends. We took a day trip to Severna Park and were visited by dozens (literally!) of guests. Cole returned to Memphis with four new books, three new stuffed animals, and at least 10 new outfits. 

Cole is very blessed to have five grandparents and three great-grandparents. She met all of her great-grandparents for the first time while in Maryland. Oddly, while our parents picked out their "grandparent names," it seems that Cole will be calling all of her great-grandparents by their first names: WD, Cathy, and Dick.
Our time in Baltimore was wonderful, but its nice to be home and back into our routine. 

April 18, 2012

Cole :: 2 months

Today Cole is two months old. This morning she celebrated by getting a check up, shots and all. These days she is weighing in at 10 pounds 15 ounces and measuring 22.5 inches long. 

She met her cousins, Grandpa Phil, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Will, and Aunt Lisa this month. And she got to see Grandma Kathy, again! It is so special that Cole has two cousins within sixteen months of her age. While the differences in the children are pretty enormous now, it'll be no time before they are the "same age." Since Cole is a bit younger than her cousins we have the benefit of borrowing items from them. Uncle Will and Aunt Nancy have shared loads of clothes, a changing pad, and a bassinet with us. Recently, they brought a swing for Cole to use which she loves. 

She celebrated her first Easter with our dear friends, the Swens, who hosted dinner. She sported a lovely party dress though she spent a good portion of the evening pouting.

This month people became more divided over who they think Cole looks like. Generally people who know both of our families say that Cole looks like a Scott, while most people who know just Peter and me claim she is her daddy's spitting image.

Certainly the highlight of the month was Cole's gummy smile which she started sharing with us every day.

April 17, 2012

The Whole Picture

Yesterday, I snapped a lovely picture of Cole: 

Here is what was going on beyond the borders of the picture above:
Atop the dining room table, G was giving Cole all the love. No, the dog is not supposed to be on the dining room table. By no means is he supposed to have a lick-fest on the baby. But both happened. And it cracked our little girl up!

April 15, 2012

Home Organization: Cole's Closet

I was not prepared for the onslaught of clothes that we received after Cole was born. Prior to her birth we had a few gender neutral outfits and a whole bunch of gift cards. Peter and I figured we'd just pick up clothes as we needed them. Little did we know how excited our friends would be about our baby girl. While still in the hospital, we started receiving outfits for Cole. Once we got home, the clothes from friends and family just kept coming, in lots of different sizes! Before long, we had a pretty serious stock piled up in the closet.  I decided we needed a strategy to organize all of the clothes.

The organization process began with sorting the clothing by size. Once sorted, I put the clothes in bins labeled for each size.  While the sizing of baby clothes is directly correlated with age,  I'm well aware that children do not necessarily wear their age. To solve this issue, on the label I included the recommended length and weight limits for each size.
I knew I wanted to sort Cole's hanging clothes as well so I started pricing closet dividers. It didn't take long to decide I could probably make my own for less. A quick search for DIY Closet Dividers led me to a wonderful and straightforward tutorial. I followed the tutorial very closely and wound up with six very cute dividers. Each divider represents a number of months so the clothes between the 0 and the 3 are 0-3 month clothes.
In all honesty, my closet does not look like this. At all. For whatever reason, while I like everything else in our house to be organized and sorted, I stuff my clothes into drawers (not folded) and most of the clothes in my closet, particularly those I wear often, are on the ground. Maybe one day I'll change. Or maybe not. But my sweet daughter has a closet worth documenting. Perhaps it's the fact that baby clothes are very cute or the fact that Cole is out growing clothes faster than I care to say, but for whatever reason, I aim to keep her closet tidy until it becomes her responsibility. 

April 14, 2012

April 9, 2012

Banners, Galore

Last month when I found myself looking for an activity that I could do while feeding Cole, I stumbled upon a paper banner tutorial.  I certainly couldn't make banners while nursing but it seemed like a good activity for those times when Cole is tired but still awake and watching me.
Since I found the tutorial I have made six paper banners for friends and myself. So far I've made Easter banners, birthday banners, and spring banners. Making banners certainly isn't rocket science (or even grad school work) but it does help my daily sense of accomplishment.

April 7, 2012

Father Daughter Time

One of our recent challenges has been finding ways for Peter and Cole to bond. In conversations with other mothers, I've learned this is a common conundrum of our season. Understandably, Cole shows preference for me; I'm home with her all day and her only food source so our bond is more about familiarity than favoritism.

In the last few weeks we've discovered we can stretch Cole's nightly sleep simply by bringing her into our bed. At first, during this cuddle time she was tucked in close to me. But when I saw her extended sleep as the perfect time to grab a shower and prepare for the day ahead, we started tucking her in next to Peter. Now nearly every morning Cole and Peter get to snuggle.

April 2, 2012

Cole's Room: Tour

Cole's room is finally in a place where I can call it "done-for-now" so I suppose it is time for a tour.

This is the view from the door. Our glider came in last week and after just a night I decided an ottoman was must. I found a golden-yellow one at the Worlds Away Outlet that matches her crib skirt perfectly. Erin gave me the pom-poms she made for my shower and I made a few more to cluster in the corner. Cole likes to look at the pom-pom bunch while on the changing tray so I call them decorative and practical. 
Over Cole's crib I put together a small gallery wall with her initials, small paintings, ceramic pieces and photographs. (Yes, her crib is pulled a few inches away from the wall to prevent injury in the event something were to fall.) She was given a darling elephant mobile by our kind friends, the Days, which Peter hung from the ceiling. The window treatment was a generous, hand-made gift from a skilled decorator in Baltimore. She added black-out lining to the back of the panels which has been very helpful during nap time. I had the crib-skirt made by a local seamstress with fabric I already had on hand. Originally I was going to use the fabric in our room but after changing my mind, it sat purposeless in the closet. Turns out I love the classic stripe in the nursery!
On the wall across from the dresser and to the left of the crib is the shelf we painted. Slowly but surely the shelf is filling up with books and other treasures for Cole. We picked up a beverage tub and two plastic bins from Target to hold her toys.
Overall I'm so pleased with the way Cole's room turned out. While I planned a gender neutral room, after Cole's arrival we added a few feminine touches that made the room decidedly girly. I used lots of items we already had which helped me stay within budget. It's been so fun to see how well everything, old and new, goes together. Cole officially moved out of our room into her own last week and, so far, our little Birdie has registered no complaints!