April 30, 2012

Book Labels

In addition to much clothing, Cole has acquired quite the stock of children's books. As a result, I've been eying bookplate stamps on Etsy. While I think they are darling, I couldn't justify actually buying one. I knew if I gave it some time, bookplate stickers would be a cinch to make. Well, I finally got around to dedicating time to the task.

Remember when I reorganized our files? I had 60 file labels left over that I figured would be the right size for my bookplates (even more so the right price).  Since I'd used the labels before, the template was already on the computer. In an effort to make this a snappy project, I limited my creativity. I did opt to download a new font, Penmanship Print, which seemed well suited for children's bookplates. I also used various color for the text. After copying and pasting our last name repeatedly, our sheet of labels looked like this:
It took me about five minutes to put the bookplates in Cole's little collection of books - which actually isn't so little, she has over fifty books! Overall I'm pleased with the project. The price was right and it took less than thirty minutes to complete.

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