April 18, 2012

Cole :: 2 months

Today Cole is two months old. This morning she celebrated by getting a check up, shots and all. These days she is weighing in at 10 pounds 15 ounces and measuring 22.5 inches long. 

She met her cousins, Grandpa Phil, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Will, and Aunt Lisa this month. And she got to see Grandma Kathy, again! It is so special that Cole has two cousins within sixteen months of her age. While the differences in the children are pretty enormous now, it'll be no time before they are the "same age." Since Cole is a bit younger than her cousins we have the benefit of borrowing items from them. Uncle Will and Aunt Nancy have shared loads of clothes, a changing pad, and a bassinet with us. Recently, they brought a swing for Cole to use which she loves. 

She celebrated her first Easter with our dear friends, the Swens, who hosted dinner. She sported a lovely party dress though she spent a good portion of the evening pouting.

This month people became more divided over who they think Cole looks like. Generally people who know both of our families say that Cole looks like a Scott, while most people who know just Peter and me claim she is her daddy's spitting image.

Certainly the highlight of the month was Cole's gummy smile which she started sharing with us every day.

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  1. She is just such a darling lil bug! I was just thinking how much she looks exactly like both of you. :)