May 31, 2012

Engagement Pictures

Five years ago, in May 2007, two days after my college graduation, Peter asked me to be his wife. Shortly after that, we arranged to have some engagement pictures taken. Being that we were still new to Memphis, we decided to have the session in Atlanta. At the time we didn't know any photographers so we just used the same company that was shooting our wedding. Since we were getting married in Baltimore, we were assigned a different photographer for the engagement session.  I mentioned a while ago that I wasn't fond of our engagement pictures and suggested that I may one day release them to the world. Well, while cleaning up the attic I came across the DVD with the pictures so its time to share.

The pictures are awful! We knew it at the time and we know it now. We asked for casual pictures and I specifically requested no tilted shots. The photographer did not take one thing we said about preferences into consideration. They are overly staged, markedly cheesy but fun to laugh about now. I have 140 of these gems but picked just a few [least] favorites to share. Enjoy.

Its hard to say what the photographer was going for here since you can clearly see a building and street light off to the left. For this lovely shot, we were asked to climb into the public fountain which was marked with signs that said, "Stay out of the water." The oldest child in me did not want to get in the water but I obliged. A concerned, if not disgusted, security guard came over and told us to get out.  Then let us know he'd seen people relieve themselves in the fountain. Foul.

In Centennial Park there are fountains that children run through. The photographer asked us to get into the fountains, paying no mind to the fact that hoards of children would be running circles around us. The pictures from in the fountain are all pretty odd. And let me tell you, at least one child was every upset that we created a roadblock... he pushed me out of the way.

Now, I'm no professional photographer but I can tell you this angle is about as unflattering as they come. 

Here we have the oh-so-casual-girl-on-guys-back-while-laying-on-a-concrete-wall pose. Peter and I consider this the worst of the bunch. And every time Peter sees it he cracks up. I'm considering getting it printed and framed for his desk at work.  Neither of us were comfortable and this certainly didn't fit our request for natural looking pictures. Oh well, c'est la vie


  1. The last one looks totally natural! Doesn't everyone lay on top of their fiance? Outside? On concrete? haha at least you can look back and laugh.

  2. tim and i both agree that the most disturbing part of these pictures is peter's hair. he he
    thanks for sharing! we all have awesome pictures likes these that should be shared with all our friends and loved ones!

    1. Yeah, that hair is baaaaad! Unfortunately, he was sporting the same do at our wedding.

  3. oh my! those are pretty amazing :)

  4. Ha...I just LOLed that last one! You mean you don't just hang out like that all the time?? Anyway, thanks for the laugh...miss you both a lot!

  5. The last one made me laugh out loud. Good thing y'all take great pictures together and these can be a fun memory to laugh about!

  6. Amazing! SO flattering and natural. :)