May 14, 2012


Vanderbilt graduation was last Friday so Peter, Cole, and I ventured to Nashville for the day. While I graduated in December, Vanderbilt only has a ceremony in the spring.  I was given the option to walk in the spring when I registered to graduate. Knowing we'd have an infant in tow, I opted out of walking, but committed myself to attending and celebrating with my cohort. Even though I finished a semester early, cohorts in graduate school are much more defined by start date than graduation date. 

It was a gorgeous, cloudless day so we sat a bit further down to the lawn to keep Cole in the shade.
Since we left the house at 5:40am, it was no surprise that Cole took a catnap during the ceremony.
My cohort gathered for a group picture with nearly everyone (four people were missing). As we posed for the picture, we noticed Josh bolting across the Peabody lawn determined to get in the shot.
 Which he did.
After the ceremony, Peabody hosted a luncheon reception on the lawn. Peter and I visited with my former coworkers, professors, and classmates. Before heading back to Memphis, we got dinner and Jeni's  in East Nashville with Leslie. Cole didn't want to miss a minute so she waited until we were headed home to sleep. It was a long day but it was absolutely worth it.

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