June 18, 2012

Cole :: 4 months

A year ago yesterday,  I found out I was pregnant.  And today, our baby girl is four months old. My goodness!

This morning we celebrated by taking Cole to the doctor. She's measuring 25.25 inches and weighing in at 13 pounds 11 ounces. We're going to start solid foods this month. The plan is to introduce rice cereal, avocado, and banana.

Cole is one the verge of something big. She's making great strides toward increased mobility. For the last few weeks she's been pulling herself around her playmat. Girlfriend will be crawling before the end of summer. Mark my words. She's also falling in love with her jumper. While she hasn't quite figured out the appeal of jumping, she's keen to mosey and twist while banging her rattle on the tray.

As for sleep it's been good, bad and ugly. For a bit, we were getting 8-hour blocks at night, the good. Less than an hour during the day, the bad. And then, without warning, the length of nighttime sleep regressed to  4-hour blocks, or less, the ugly. Cole's been crying it out for nearly two weeks and it seems to be helping. We've also developed a nighttime routine. Every night Cole gets a bath, a song, final feeding, and a few prayers before bed. Once she goes into her room at night we try not to bring her out.

In the last month Cole went for her first dip in a pool, took her first shower, and started Mother's Day Out. She also moved into her big-girl stroller. She's really enjoying being able to sit up. We've been busy enjoying some of what the Memphis summer has to offer by the River and at Overton Park. And have, no doubt, become regulars at the zoo.

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  1. I love that top right picture!

    On another note, 4 months? Already?!?