July 30, 2012

Anniversary Date

Our pizza-and-ice-cream-on-our-anniversary tradition is alive and well.

Last Thursday night Peter, Cole, and I went to Trolley Stop Market for pizza. Trolley Stop is one of our go-to restaurants. It's kid friendly and the food is great. Also, they deliver. More often than not, on the nights Peter has class, I have Trolley Stop delivered.

We first ordered the Margarita pizza but after finding out they were out of fresh mozzarella decided to go with a bold second choice, taco pizza. It's was surprisingly good with a kick of heat. Of course, Peter has been raving over it since last week. To be fair, it was the fusing of his two favorite foods.

While the pizza and gelato on our wedding night was accidental, the decision to keep the tradition alive had lots to do with the fact that it's family friendly. My friend Kelly explains her anniversary to her children as "their family's birthday." I love that. And as far as Peter and I are concerned, we want the whole family to be involved in celebrating.

Cole came along and was delighted with all of the bright colors and bold patterns at Trolley Stop. Never before had I noticed how stimulating their big, bold decorating scheme is.

For our anniversary, we got ourselves a new camera with two new lenses. No doubt, I've been bitten by the shutterbug.

We weren't quite able to stretch Cole's bedtime late enough to get ice cream. But we made sure to go by YoLo later in the weekend. Perhaps next year we'll be able to stay out late enough for ice cream.  That or I'll plan ahead and have some at the house.


  1. This is a sweet tradition, and TS' marg pizza is my FAV!

  2. Congrats! What camera did you get?

    1. We got a Nikon D90 and a couple of lenses (one wide-angle and one 50mm). We were given a D40 for our wedding which was wonderful and perfect for the last four year. This is just a step up from that.