July 31, 2012

Aunt Lisa!

Last weekend Peter's sister Lisa and her spunky pup, Bailey, came to visit. Lisa wanted to visit with Miss Cole since she hadn't seen her since Easter.

My, how time does fly!

Just like most weekends, we took a trip to the zoo. I am so intrigued by the nocturnal house. All the animals in it are just a bit odd. They aren't the animals you read about in many books. I started going through the nocturnal house simply for the air conditioning but now I make a point of wandering thought. I mean, where else can you see an armadillo thats not on the side of the road?

As usual, Cole passed out. For reasons yet to be determined, Cole loves to sleep at the zoo. She's not a napper and has only recently stopped getting up before the sun, but if we're at the zoo she is going to sleep. Please notice how she's holding her monkey. Girlfriend likes to keep a firm grip on monkey whenever we stroll.

Since Lisa was here I decided to cough up the cash, $2.00 to be exact, to feed the birds. The whole experience is a bit startling because once you present your seed stick, the birds swoop down from all directions to munch. I loved it. Lisa liked it enough. And Peter is cautiously optimist he will do it again. Maybe. He was caught off-guard (but lucky for us, on camera) when a bird in flight grazed his ear.

After the zoo Peter went to help a friend move, so us girls went out to lunch. 

We went to Las Delicias for tacos and guacamole. I enjoyed the food enough to ignore the recent price increases.

Saturday afternoon we decided to take Lisa to see the Peabody Ducks. Apparently, in all of the years we've lived here we've neglected to take her to or even tell her about the ducks. At promptly 5:00 we watched the ducks jump out of the fountain, cross the red carpet, and get onto the elevator to return to the duck palace.

Of course, it's exactly what it sounds like. A few ducks walk in a line. But the hype and crowd make it a spectacle. 

After church on Sunday morning, we went to lunch at Young Avenue Deli. I cannot express how much I like having decent restaurants in our neighborhood. We're completely spoiled.  Cole sported her newest shirt, a souvoiner from Grandpa Phil and Grandma Kathy's recent travels. In honor of college football's rapidly approaching return, we decided to unveil Cole's Clemson headband to dress up her new t-shirt.

We all loved our visit from Aunt Lisa and Bailey. It's hard to believe how much Cole has changed since she last saw her aunt. Lisa is really gifted with children. It was as though she and Cole were old friends who just picked up where they left off. From the minute Lisa arrived until she left, Cole was laughing and smiling for her aunt.

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